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Chairperson & Moderator Roundtable


Tentative Schedule. The Roundtable (14h30-18h30) is composed of: 


  •  Presenter Prologue

    • The presenter shares the main topic of the Roundtable by highlighting key provocative questions and themes to be discussed as well as relevant policy issues pertinent to the advancement of How the Histories and Philosophies of Sciences Have Been Written.


    Chairperson & Moderator

    • The Chairperson will allot time following these guidelines:Opening, Transitions and Closing for each of the 5 Invited Keynote speakers – 20 minutes each
    • The Moderator will introduce the Invited Keynote Speakers (based on the short academic biography and abstract they submitted), provide contextual briefing guiding comments and questions to focus on the interventions.
    • The Moderator will invite interventions from the audience.
    • Short Remarks from Audience & Response – 10 minutes.
    • Discussion & Open Debate – 120 minutes.
    • The Chairperson ensures that these time limits are respected.
    • The Chairperson should have timekeeper/Remarks
    • The Moderator should ensure that these time limits are respected.
    • The Moderator should ensure that the key issues from the sessions are captured by the audience.
    • The Moderator reflects on the content of the research talks and the presentations.
    • The Moderator initiates a debate/discussion by highlighting policy questions arising from analysis.
    • The Moderator provides suggestions to improve the quality of the research paper.
      • Total - 240 minutes (4 hours)  


    Commentator Epilogue

    • The work of the Commentator is crucial for recording ideas, hyptheses and prespectives in comprehensive manner:
      • Capture the key elements of the discussions,
      • Introductory statement,
      • Comments on the paper’s content and its contributions/limitations,
      • Emerging operational issues and opportunities,
      • Policy issues emerging from the discussion,
      • Suggestions to improve the paper.