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Professor Joseph Agassi [Keynote Speaker Roundtable, Israel]

Joseph Agassi is Emeritus Professor at the Tel-Aviv University (Israel) and the York University (Canada) with contributions in logic, scientific method, and philosophy. He studied under Karl Popper and taught at the London School of Economics. He later taught at the University of Hong Kong, the University of Illinois, Boston University, and York University in Canada. He had dual appointments in the last positions with Tel Aviv University. Agassi’s prime interest is in science, metaphysics, and politics. He takes it that philosophy is nothing if not rationalist. For over fifty years he studied the rationality of science, metaphysics, and democratic politics. An advocate of Popper’s philosophy with variations, Agassi ignores many of the problems that concern some philosophers of science, chiefly that of theory choice. The problems of the philosophy of technology engage him, including the problem of choosing scientific theories and ideas worthy of application and implementation. []

Degrees and Academic/Professional Qualifications:

  • 1940-44 Jewish Theological School,
  • 1946-51 Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Physics (major); Mathematics and Philosophy,
  • 1948-49 Israeli Defense Force (Parachute Instructor),
  • 1951 M. Sc. in Physics,
  • 1952-56 University of London, on an overseas scholarship for one year, senior research assistant for about two years,
  • 1956 Ph. D. in Science: Logic and Scientific Method.


  • Two volumes of essays in honor of J. A., both edited by I. C. Jarvie and Nathaniel LaorLaor, Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science, vols. 161-2, 1995:
  • 1. Critical Rationalism, Metaphysics and Science.
  • 2. Critical Rationalism, the Social Sciences and the Humanities.
  • A volume of essays edited by M. del Castello and M. Segre,
  • I Limiti della Rationalità: Scritti in onore di Joseph Agassi, Lanciano, Italy, Carabba, 2013.


Code Course Title Start Date Finish date
Hist&Phil&Sci 3. Topics: Philosophy of Science [Prof. Agassi, Israel] 26. Jun 2015 26. Jun 2015