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Professor Bill Palmer [Lecturer International Summer School, Australia]

Bill Palmer obtained his Bachelors degree (1959) and Teacher’s Certificate at the University of Exeter (1960); his first Masters Degrees was from the University of East Anglia (1970) and his second from the University of Oxford (1981); his PhD (2003) was obtained from Curtin University, Australia. Apart from Australia, Bill has worked in Britain, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania and Western Samoa. He was a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Education, Health and Science at Charles Darwin University, Australia from 1989 until February 2007 when he retired after nearly fifty years in science education. His main research areas are the history of science, teacher education and science education. He continues to keep up his research as an Associate of Curtin University. In 2009, he worked as a visiting lecturer (volunteer) at St John’s Anglican University, Dodoma, Tanzania. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and the College of Preceptors.  Forty-six of his papers are publically available on ERIC. The details of his other qualifications, book chapters and conference websites may be found at:


Code Course Title Start Date Finish date
HS&Teach 4. Topics: History of Chemistry & Teaching [Prof. Palmer, Australia] 23. Jun 2015 23. Jun 2015