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Professor Christelle Didier [Lecturer International Summer School, France]

Christelle Didier is Associate Professor at the university of Lille, Department of Education. She holds a BSc in Engineering, a MA in Education and a PhD in Sociology. Her research areas are engineering ethics and engineering education, including historical, cultural and gender perspective. As co-author: Ethique Industrielle. Textes pour un débat (De Boeck, 1998); Internationl Perspective on Engineering Education (Springer, 2015) and Engineering identities, Epistemology and Values (Springer, 2015). As author: Penser l’éthique des ingénieurs (Presses Universitaires de France, 2008). Les ingénieurs et l’éthique. Pour un regard sociologique (Hermes, 2008).


Code Course Title Start Date Finish date
Phil&Sci&Edu 1. Topics: Engineering & Science Education [Prof. Didier, France] 23. Jun 2015 23. Jun 2015