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Dr. Hayo Siemsen [Lecturer International Summer School, Germany]

Hayo Siemsen is researcher at Ernst Mach Institute for Philosophy of Science and lecturer of Epistemology & Education at the Heidelberg Education University (Germany) and at the Masaryk University Brno (Czech Republic). Particularly his studies concern fundamental aspects of learning: what is learning and how can it be optimized? If one sees learning as a fundamental aspect of Nature, human learning becomes a growth process. It is adaptive, transformative and plastic. Instead of the Aristotelian standard linear learning model (pressing a ring into wax), post-Darwinian learning processes follow exponential patterns, i.e. they are “seemingly slow” in the beginning when the basic patterns, gestalts are laid, and then "suddenly" become very fast. In this way, everything can be taught to everybody, regardless of age, cultural background, etc. The basic theory for this was provided by Ernst Mach.


Code Course Title Start Date Finish date
Epi&Sci&Edu 3. Topics: Epistemology of Science & Education [Dr. Siemsen, Germany] 22. Jun 2015 22. Jun 2015