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Professor Laurence Maurines [Lecturer International Summer School, France]

Laurence Maurines (France) is professor of Science Education at the Faculty of Science of the Paris-Sud University in Orsay. She is the director of the group of research of Didactics of Science of Orsay (DidaScO) and member of the editorial board of the international French review RDST (Research in Didactics of Sciences and Technologies). Previously, she was the president of the Association for the Research in Didactics of Sciences and Technologies (ARDiST). Her first studies explored the difficulties encountered by students when learning waves (on a rope, sound, and light) and the relationships between students’ conceptions and ancient theories. Now she focuses especially on the introduction of the History of Science (HS) in science teaching and on the education issue related to the image of the Nature of Science (NoS). Her studies on these topics concern among others the use of HS by teachers and the impact on students of the implementation of innovative pedagogical units, the representation of NoS conveyed by the secondary school science syllabuses, the image of NoS of scientific freshmen.


Code Course Title Start Date Finish date
Hist&Sci&Sci&Teach 3. Topics: History of Science & Science Teaching [Prof. Maurines, France] 25. Jun 2015 25. Jun 2015