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1. Topics: History and Epistemology of Physics at Summer School [Prof. Radelet-de Grave, Belgium]

Start Date:
26. June 2015, 09:00
Finish date:
26. June 2015, 09:45
MESHS - Espace Baïetto



On Historical Roots of the Standard Model of Particules


Abstract Course

In the scope of the round table of this afternoon, where I want to question the possibility of doing history of discoveries made in physics after 1925 and discovery of the principle of uncertainty. I'll take an argument posterior to 1925, namely the theoretical discovery of the Higgs Boson in 1964 by Higgs, Brout and Englert and some others. Discovery or "invention" for which Higgs and Englert received the Nobel price two years ago.  In the course, I shall emphasize positive points leaving questionable points for the afternoon. I'll try to answer two questions: How is it possible, in the frame of the standard model to mathematically "invent" particules? And, what are the historical roots that makes it possible? 

Main References

  • Higgs P W (1964) Broken symmetries and the masses of Gauge Bosons. Physics Review Letter 13:508-509
  • Higgs P W (1966) Spontaneous symmetry breakdown without Mass less Bosons. Physics Review Letter 145:1156-1163