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2. Topics: Philosophy of Science [Prof. Agassi, Israel]

Start Date:
25. June 2015, 10:30
Finish date:
25. June 2015, 11:15
MESHS - Espace Baïetto



On the Methods of Inquiries in History and Historiography of Sciences


Abstract Course

The study of political and of cultural histories has preceded the study of the history of science, and these studies were related to a rich historiographic literature. Not so the history of science that was scant and the historiography of science that developed even later and that is still very scant. The reason is that the philosophy of Bacon dominated the field and he declared science and its history as one: the just history of science is science proper. Indeed, the first serious historian of science was William Whewell, and the second was Pierre Duhem, and both had new philosophies of science. Also some histories of science cane to illustrate some philosophies about matter or life or whatever scientific the field their studied belonged to. Yet the immense growth of the field is due to its recognition as an academic subject-matter, which invites serious analysis.