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4. Topics: History of Science & Education [Dr. Pisano & Bellavia, France]

Start Date:
24. June 2015, 14:45
Finish date:
24. June 2015, 16:45
MESHS - Room 1



Details on Experimental Methods in Physics and Its Relevance in History & Teaching of Physics


Abstract Course

The Interplay between Physics and Mathematics within History of Science & Teaching Physics and/or Mathematics is a crucial aspect of science, history of science and science teaching. For example, the exponential function has large applications and it is used by many non-physicians and non-mathematicians, too. Nevertheless, some crucial and practical problems happen for its mathematical understanding. Most, this part of mathematical cognitive programmes introduce it from mathematical strictly point of view. On the contrary, since both physics experiments make a vast use of it, in this paper the exponential function will be explained starting from physical experiments and only later a mathematical modelling of it will be organized. The relationship physics-mathematics-geometry is crucial and indispensable in this kind of integrated and history & science teaching. The history and epistemology of mathematics and physics can be a significant means to make the epistemological and didactical research more profound and clear. Some experimental examples in which thermal phenomena of cooling and heating can be modelled by an exponential function would be presented, from physical and statistical analysis standpoints. This can be considered a reasonable empirical basis to claim that the exponential function is a general model for this kind of phenomena.



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