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4. Topics: History and Historical Epistemology of Science & Ideas [Dr. Pisano, France]

Start Date:
24. June 2015, 15:30
Finish date:
24. June 2015, 15:50
MESHS - Espace Baïetto



On the Category of Inquiry in the History of Science and Ideas


Abstract Roundtable

Generally speaking, historical and philosophical inquiry proceed according to different levels of knowledge, both scientific and humanist, and through particular methods and instruments of research; for example in the history of foundations, in the scientific–cultural attitude of a particular historical period rather than in the historical–social consequences in the history of technologies. In the last century, the research on the foundations of science (mainly concerning with my studies: physics, mathematics and astronomy) seems to have been forwarded increasingly by programs of research more than through the implementation of a basic theory. Several competitive research programs have covered the period from the turn of the 19th century to and throughout the 20th century. In my talk I present an excursus about case–studies and correlated authors from historiographical and history of Ideas standpoints.



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